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Kwei Consulting Engineers, Inc. was founded on June of 2008 and has since then been building and expanding its reputation for client service, technical excellence, and a commitment to people in offering structural engineering services.We strive to exceed our customer’s satisfaction with the help of the extensive knowledge and specialized in-house training of our staff in providing fluid coordination with design members and groups,which minimizes errors or omissions that can potentially occur during the construction process.

Our principal objective is to reduce project completion time, because we understand that bringing building costs down leads to profitability for our clients. This recognition for maximized efficiency and technical accuracy has enabled the company to develop even stronger relationships with those customers within the construction/development industry. The projects that the firm is handling nowadays are even more geographically diversified than before since the continual acquisitions of Professional Engineering (P.E) licenses in states other than California, (CA).

Our Services

We offer a wide array of structural engineering services that includes working with newly designed structures to renovations in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Industries. Our guarantee is that we model and design your project plans with the latest 3-D analysis and drafting software. Kwei Consulting Engineers, Inc. is very much experienced in using all types of construction materials including reinforced concrete, masonry, wood, light gauge and structural steel in our design.


Our work in Commercial Design includes,Multi-Story Self-Storages, RV Parking Covers and Storages, Office Buildings, Chain Restaurants within malls/shopping centers, Retail Properties, Music Studios,Seismic Retrofits of existing buildings, Gas Stations, Mechanic/Car Shops, Military Private Contractor Improvements, and Solar Panel Installations.


Residential is the most diverse sector in our portfolio as it comprises everything from New Multi-Unit Residencies to Home Remodels. Examples of current and past projects include Multi-Story Apartments/Condos, Modern Wood/Steel Homes,and Tornado Resistant Concrete Tilt-Up Homes in Kansas. We also do design work for Solar Panel Installations, Amenities, and Swimming Pools. Among the more specialized residential projects, we have performed engineering for constructions complying with the Green Building Code as well as the utilization of the latest types of construction materials that include Metal Containers, Corrugated Steel, and Pre-fab Wall Panel Systems. Our residential work encompasses major locations from San Francisco, Malibu, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Diamond Bar, to San Diego.


Our team is fully capable of handling any design projects of different budgets/complexities. Previous structural engineering work completed from our company includes NewConcrete Tilt-Up/Masonry Warehouses and Tenant Improvement projects such as Mezzanine and Equipment Platforms, Ground and Heavy Rooftop Equipment Installations, and Tanks/Towers. We have also performed consulting work for Manufacturing and Medical Businesses.

Recent Projects

Kwei Consulting Engineers, Inc. is experiencing majorlocal and national growth. The map below listsall of the states and cities that the firm has provided engineering designs, which are either built or currently in construction.If you have any questions or would like further information about the engineering services that we provide for Commercial, Industrial, or Residential projects, please feel free to contact us by calling our office or using the message board.


“We have opening positions for Engineers and Structural Draftsmen, You may send your information and resume through our message board for consideration.”

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